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These are a collection of my relief teaching lesson plans 

WHAT is it all about

These are lessons that I have taught or intend to teach. They are collated by teaching area at the top of the page with lessons as subpages underneath each. Please feel free to comment on lessons, improve, change or steal anything you would like. I hope you choose to connect with me so we can learn more together. 

This is me

Not a big fan of how I normally look on camera, but I like this picture as I have a big smile whilst seeing my wife during a hospital stay I had to have.

My Other Websites

These are places that I have a web presence either as a website or social network. 

Purpose of my Blog

This is where I blog. I share my views on my personal teaching and learning journey, whilst also reflecting on lessons I have used.

First Class Website

This was my first class website where I used a Google site to keep all my lessons and class material. Not a great one, but very much a part of my learning journey towards better tech integration.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is where I connect with other educators, find great ideas and links, whilst sharing what I find interesting and some of what I do. I try to participate in a few chats also, #aussieED and #asiaED so far. Let's connect and learn more together.

First ePorfolio

Again I used a Google site, this time as an ePortfolio. Not sure that I like this format or that I will keep it. I may just use my blog as the portfolio moving forward.

Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest is where I find pins of ideas that interest and collect them. I follow some boards and try to add a few new pins to areas that interest me.

How to Google +?

I am still looking for a meaningful way to use Google +. I generally just post links to my blog posts here. Still need to find a way to make this tool more useful in my professional learning, 

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